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Product Description

The weBoost Drive Sleek OTR cellular signal booster improves voice and 4G/LTE and 3G data speeds inside your semi-truck, wherever the road takes you.


Designed specifically for today’s connected truck driver, this kit combines the popular Drive Sleek cradle booster along with our best-performing 4G Trucker Antenna in a versatile, cost-effective communications solution. The included 4G Trucker Antenna is compatible with all 3/8”x 24 CB antenna mounting points on the truck, or any aftermarket CB antenna mount. This cellular signal booster delivers the maximum signal gain allowed by the IC for cellular cradle boosters and comes with all components needed in one package, making DIY installation a breeze. Like all weBoost products, the Drive Sleek OTR come with a 2-year warranty.

WeBoost Drive Sleek OTR In-Vehicle Signal Booster Kit

WeBoost Drive Sleek OTR In-Vehicle Signal Booster Kit installation

Key Features

• Boosts 4G LTE & 3G for large trucks and RV’s with 4G Trucker Antenna

• Single cellular device, cradle signal booster

• Works with ALL phones and ALL carriers

• Enhances talk, text, and high-speed 4G LTE internet

• Easy Installation

• Compliant with FCC & ISED (Formerly Industry Canada) 2018 regulations

Package Contents

Drive Sleek Cradle, Drive Sleek Booster, 4G Trucker Antenna, 12V DC Power Supply, 3-Way Antenna Mount (901104), Antenna Masts (X2), Cradle Dash Mount, Thread Lock, Cable Adapter SMB Male – SMA Male, Side Exit Adapter, Antenna Spring


  • Weight: 1 kg
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